So many emails I receive and adverts I see are extolling the benefits of working from home.  This is why I hate “Globalisation” and the dominance of big firms!  They don’t care about the real issues; they just want to flog their software to as many people as possible until they are the “de-facto standard.”  Monoliths that try to restrict your choice and control your thought.

Just as Zoom started to get some hold on the video meeting market, even after all of the mis-information about Zoom security, Microsoft has started an aggressive and bullying advertising campaign about the new version of Microsoft “Teams”.  According to Microsoft all of the World’s malaise can be cured if only everyone was on Teams. I am not saying Teams is not a nice product.  After Skype for Business, anything would be better!  But companies such as Microsoft are paying “lip-service” to an international problem.  Being able to see if your mum is online and being able to “call” was already a feature of Skype long before MS got its hands on it.

This morning (despite paying MS hundreds of pounds every month) I could not join a Teams call set up by one of my clients because of some glitch in the licenses. I am sure if Microsoft had their way, I would buy a new license every time I join a conference.  If you are one of the thousands of people that go through the MS sign-on / password / licensing sinkhole each day, you will sympathise.

I hear in “the new Gig economy” thousands of people, originally made redundant, can now provide self-employed services from home.  But what about the 3 Million small businesses in the UK that are telling their staff not to come to the office?  I’m pretty sure they will need a whole lot more than a “Skype on steroids” system to help them.

The fact is: Working from Home and “Home Working” are not the same.  A Home Working solution needs to offer:

Single sign on and security

Data scattered between multiple business apps (including conferencing apps) causes errors.  Processes that are not joined up create lost time and often poorer service levels.  The pre-integration of applications is essential to home workers.

Presence and availability

One of the biggest concerns that many team leaders have is struggling to know when team members are online and working. Businesses need their employees to be accountable and present during regular working hours for operations to continue running smoothly.

Collaboration tools

Those who claim to ‘work from home’ often find that they struggle with collaborations with other employees partly because of a lack of a centralised communication platform. Let’s be honest, no one likes going back and forth between email chains trying to stay abreast of what’s being discussed.

Resource management

Employees that do not have a strong task driven management will often “cherry-pick” tasks they want to perform, in favour of the things that need to get done first.  Management needs an effective way to distribute tasks and bring processes together as quickly as possible.

Invest in next-generation home working solutions

Zway is developing new tools that will harvest the integration points from thousands of 3rd party applications and pre-learn where you want that information to go.  It will pre-link all of your legacy apps together, so you don’t have to think about it. We call this new service Zway2Go!


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