Here is how to manage, import and edit documents in Zway.


First, go to your coversheet, here you will find a choice of 2 links that you can click on.


‘Documents’ and ‘View a Document’, once you have clicked either, you will now be able to see a list of all your documents.


To open and edit a document, simply double click its name.


By clicking on the pencil icon at the top, you can also edit the properties such as the name or add the contacts that it involves.


To upload or save any document to your desktop, click on the arrow icons along the top.


You have the option to add folders, in which all documents regarding a certain topic can be kept in for good management. To add a folder simply click on the file icon.


You will then be able to move any documents into that folder using the move icon located at the top.


Having all your documents in one place means no more chasing your tail trying to find them and more time for you to spend on the important things.