e-HR Holiday Manager

Use this module to keep track of who is working and when.  Use this module to track Holidays and any other leave.  This module can be extended in the Premium version to monitor all timekeeping and time and attendance management

List View of Holidays

  • If you have the correct Admin profile, you can click on e-HR and go to Holiday Manager to see all of the employee’s holidays that have been requested and booked in one place.  If you have restricted access, you may only be able to see your own holiday requests and bookings.
  • You will know what permissions you have been allocated as soon as you click on Holiday Manager.
  • If you see all the names of all employees on a chart like above and you can click on any grid and make a booking, then you have been granted Admin access to manage Holidays Bookings.
  • If you only see your own name, you can only book holidays for yourself.
  • If you wish, you can access your personal Holiday files by clicking on left menu “MyWorld” and selecting My Holidays.  A screen like below appears:
  • There you can also see your “allowance”

Applying to book a date for Leave / Holidays

  • Either click once on a date on the main grid for the person you want to book leave for.
  • OR use your own personal My Holidays to click on “Add New”.
  • A screen as below appears:
  • In the below picture, the drop-down list for the TYPE of leave has been shown.  This is pre-set by your own administrator.  See Administration / e-HR Admin / Holiday Limits
  • It is there that the types of leave can be added and also the amount of days per individual, per department or per company can be set for each calendar year.
  • Fill in the form and click OK.
  • Note , in the basic version, leave is only booked per half-day, shorter, per-hour time keeping and attendance records are only shown in the Premium version.
  • This booking request will now go into a set process.  The process for your company can be set by your administrator. See Administration / Process and Collaboration / Process Builder in main admin section of instructions.

The Holiday Booking Process

  • As stated above, this can be as many steps as you wish.  However, the basic set up allows for a “Line Manager” to approve holiday and leave requests first.
  • Once the line manager has approved, an email is sent to you to confirm your holiday is booked and it will appear on the planner and on your calendar and will deduct the days from your allowance.
  • In companies where you are the only employee or where no line management has been set, you can “approve” your own bookings in MyWorld as below:

In the above picture you will see that “David Claxton” (MD) has the job to approve a holiday

  • booking made by “Julia Roberts”
  • The MD can see all of his workflow and approvals and tasks all in one place in “MyWorld”
  • This task cannot be deleted, and the MD has also been notified by email that this request has been made.
  • The email always provides a link to go directly to the request for action.
  • Clicking on the request brings up an approvals box.  More details on the MyWorld Workflow engine that underpins all process and workflow in the system, see MyWorld / Workflows and Tasks in the help wiki documents.
  • Once the holiday has been approved, then Julia Roberts has booked her holiday and it appears on the main grid as per below:
  • Note:  If NO process is set in Administration, then the Holiday is booked without approval.

Here is a snapshot of this holiday as it now appears in Julia Roberts’ calendar with a filter set only to show Holidays.

Holiday booking Reports

  • Detailed reports on holiday bookings can be set for any date in the “Reports” module from the e-HR cover sheet.
  • Note: these reports are also subject to permissions to view from Admin / Permission Groups.
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