e-HR Expenses Management

  • This module allows you to claim and approve expenses.
  • The expenses can be added to projects (if you have the Premium Version)
  • The Expenses can be added to jobs or tasks or to client accounts
  • Claiming expenses here kicks-off a process that allows approvals to be given and then, allows the expenses claimed to be added to client accounts and invoices raised appropriately

Expenses Company List View

  • To view all expenses claims in any company (if you have admin permissions to view all) can be done by clicking on e-HR, selecting the Expense Manager module
  • This shows the general view of current expenses
  • Here you can see (because Julia has permissions) three people claiming expenses for different things

Expenses Personal List View

  • If you do not have permissions to view all, you can view your own expenses list by going to MyWorld / My Expenses
  • The following view list is provided:

Adding a New Expenses Claim

  • From MyWorld / My Expenses screen above click on “Add” at top left of screen
  • A form as follows appears:
  • Fill in the claim info before clicking on the tab to add specific expenses
  • When you do add specific expenses, any number of individual items can be claimed here under one info screen.
  • Just keep adding new items as below:
  • You can even attach the receipt if you wish by clicking on the cloud icon and uploading it as attachment
  • The field “Expense type” comes from the Administration dictionary under Administration / e-HR Admin / Dictionaries – This can be any way you like to track what people claim for. Some people way want to separate card and cash. Others may want a full breakdown into “travel, Meals, Books, pens..” etc etc.
  • When done and all expenses under this claim are added, click on “Save”
  • A screen as below appears:
  • Click “Save” if you don’t want to submit for approval right away. This will just sit in you’re my Expenses box until you do
  • Alternatively, click “save and submit” and the claim will go into the claim process
  • You can see status of claim at all times

The Expenses Claim Process

  • This is set by your company Administrator in Administration / Process and Collaboration / Workflow Manager.
  • As stated above, this can be as many steps as you wish.  However, the basic set up allows for a “Line Manager” to approve Expenses claims first.
  • Once the line manager has approved, an email is sent to you to confirm your Expenses claim is approved and it will appear on the Expenses reports
  • In companies where you are the only employee or where no line management has been set, you can “approve” your own expenses in MyWorld as below:
  • In the below picture you will see that “David Claxton” (MD) has the job to approve the claim
  • The MD can see all of his workflow and approvals and tasks all in one place in “MyWorld”
  • This task cannot be deleted, and the MD has also been notified by email that this request has been made.
  • The email always provides a link to go directly to the request for action.
  • Clicking on the request brings up an approvals box.  More details on the MyWorld Workflow engine that underpins all process and workflow in the system, see MyWorld / Workflows and Tasks in the help wiki documents.
  • Once the Expenses claim has been approved, then Julia Roberts has made her claim
  • Note:  If NO process is set in Administration, then the claim is approved without approval.

Here is the company Expenses list now showing claim has been “allowed / Approved” and this expense would be logged to whatever person, project or job has been added.

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