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There are two versions of Document Management available to you:

  1. The integral version that does not need an additional license fee and is available to support all other applications and solutions and modules.
  2. An enhanced version with Only Office (Document Editing on-line and version control) functions

Integral Documents Management

  • All of Zway’s Applications, Business Process Modules and Solutions are underpinned with a sophisticated Document Management Module.
  • This module is the central repository for ALL documents and attachments you will ever need to load onto your system.
  • Whilst documents you upload will be found forever inside the application you need them, they will also be neatly filed inside the central repository.
  • The nearest solution to this quality of document management solution might be (for example) Microsoft Sharepoint.
  • The only difference is that with Zway solutions, you don’t have to pay swingeing license fees or maintenance programmes to get it!
  • Below you will find some instructions on the use of the basic Documents Management solution used throughout all applications
  • Access Documents Management by clicking on “Documents” square from your Coversheet.  OR open the main pages and select “Documents” from the left-hand menu.

Selecting Documents or Files

  • Select a file to open by clicking on it.
  • Select a Document by clicking on it once until blue highlighted

Uploading Documents and Attachments

  • When you click on “up arrow” inside the Documents tab, you will be able to choose any document from your PC or other networks to upload.
  • Each new upload is given a Version number 1001
  • With the Integral version of Documents Management, the document will need to be downloaded onto you PC / desktop before you can view or edit it.

Downloading Documents and Attachments

  • When you click on the Up Arrow icon, you can download a selected document. Then you can save it to your PC and you can edit it with any relevant PC Word / PDF etc programmes you own


When you click on this icon A close up of a logoDescription automatically generated you will be offered a form to add your comments to the document and those comments can then be sent to anyone in your organisation. See form below

Sharing Documents

  • When you see this icon “Share” you can share this document with anyone in your organisation that has permissions to view it.
  • Note that sharing a document does not SEND the document as an attachment to an email. It just provides the relevant link to the person you are sharing it with.  This ensures version control and single point of truth are always maintained.
  • The following form opens when you choose to share a document
  • You can select any number of people to share the document with.
  • After you click “OK” the document link will be sent on email to those you have shared with using a pre-defined “XXX Has shared a document with you” message.

Integration to Dropbox

  • When you click on this icon “Dropbox” you will be able to download your documents or files directly to Dropbox.  This will enable more storage or even greater protection if you wish to use it. 
  • Note: Dropbox subscription is needed to work this facility

Watching Files and Documents

  • Using this icon eye enables you to watch a document or folder for any activity.
  • The system will alert you via email each time another user accesses or views or downloads the document or file you select
  • You will see this form when you select to watch a document

Document Information Stored

  • Each document uploaded has an amount of information available to identify who owns it and its’ history / versions.  You can access this information when you highlight a document or folder and use icon “Info”.

Permissions and Security

  • By clicking on icon “Lock” you can decide who gets to see or edit your file or folder or document
  • Note that when any file is uploaded it has no permissions granted, so will be locked for others to view unless you choose to make it available
  • The following form will open when you choose permissions
  • Note: If you choose “none” that user will not even be able to see the file at all.
  • “View” lets them view the file but not use on-line edit
  • By clicking the “Public” button at the bottom it opens the file for everyone’s full access

Creating folders

  • You can organise documents into folders using hierarchical structures if you wish by clicking A close up of a logoDescription automatically generated

·       Attachments inside other Modules

  • Throughout the entire suite of modules and business applications Zway has embeded this documents management facility.
  • It is shown as “Attachments” but will actually open up documents management each time you select Attachments inside any application

Document and File Types Supported

  • All file types can be STORED in Document Management and Attachments up to an individual size of 50Mb.
  • Videos can be stored and played back from within the Document Management (No YouTube required) in MP4 format
  • The following formats are used and suitable for on-line editing
    • Microsoft Word
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Microsoft PowerPoint
    • Portable Document Format (PDF)

Enhanced Document Management with on-line Editing and Version Control

On-line Editing and Versions

  • An additional subscription per user can be purchased by your Administrator for this facility
  • Once purchased, when you double click on any document, it will open in an i-frame and allow you to edit the document on-line using the “OnlyOffice” editor.
  • When you close / save your changed document, it will be returned to the Documents Management module using the next version number.
  • The editing history and full versioning can be seen for each document by using the information Icon

Integration To Docusign Document Signing Application

  • Your Enhanced Documents Management solution has been integrated to Docusign, the World’s biggest and most secure Document signing service.
  • To start your service you will need a full Docusign license from Docusign directly.
  • Then:
  • Go to Administration / General Admin / Integrations / Docusign
  • Click “Start” and the wizard to log your Docusign service with Document Manager is started.

How to send Documents for Signature

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