CRM Companies

CRM Companies

  • Just as CRM / Contacts has a list view, so does the Companies you hold in your CRM. See CRM / Contacts for more information. A Company in Trivaeo CRM is any organisation you might want to store information about, (apart from your own).
  • This does not restrict you to storing only customer information. You can add information and track progress with Suppliers, Partners, Suspects, Prospects and Competitors here.

  • Highlighted in the picture above are some key parts of the Companies list view:
  • Click on “Import or Export” to work with CSV or XLS versions of data. Trivaeo offers a highly intelligent import and export process which is so easy to use.

  • By clicking on the Cloud Icon circled in the picture above you can import any spreadsheet of Companies and Contacts.
  • If you would like to know the very best way to organise the imported information prior to import (this will make it much easier to do), download either the XLS or CSV example / model file and use that to add your own information.
  • Once added Company information can be opened to edit using the pencil icon on the top picture above. Or opened to view with all information visible by simply clicking on the blue writing in the list view.
  • Once opened to view, you can still edit information by clicking the yellow “Edit” button that appears on top right of the screen.
  • To move quickly between screens, you can either use your browser back button or click on any white or blue writing on the page. For example: Go back to the Companies list by clicking on “Companies” below the CRM heading.

Sorting, editing and Filtering Company information

  • You can select all, select individual lines from the list, filter by set vectors, or create your own filters by using the standard button on the top of the list view.

  • When adding a single Company record or editing information, Trivaeo has ensured there are no “dead-ends” that will mean you cannot complete the record. To do this we enable “the starred boxes two of which are highlighted in the picture above.
  • The Account number of your companies can be arranged via the Administration / CRM Admin to run consecutively.
  • See CRM / Contacts for more information on Client and Supplier boxes.
  • By marking / selecting one of the contacts as “Main Contact” this is the main name that will appear on the list view.

CRM Companies View Form

Click on the company name from the list view to open the view form.

For more information on the options in the red square in picture above, see CRM / Contacts.

It is possible to view just about every single thing that is happening in your company that reflects on this record.

No need to store information. The information pertinent to this record will automatically be populated as you work in other areas of CRM.

For example: When you choose to create an “invoice” or an “Order” , this information wii always be stored in the company record as well as in the relevant file.

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