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CRM Communications History and email Integration

  • Great control and sharing of communications are the essence of service. Trivaeo has integrated a module dedicated to the control and sharing of communications. This is in addition to the module dedicated to just tasks management. “CRM – Communications History is an easy to access vault that holds records of all communications between your company and clients.
  • This module is split into three parts.
    • Firstly, the whole CRM suite is integrated to an email collector that will watch your incoming emails and allow you to tag outgoing emails to the collector. When a client email address is mentioned, the email is captured and held in the Contact record for that client.
    • Secondly, CRM also has an integral email server of its’ own. Called easy mail, this allows “service emails and reminders” to be sent and (more importantly) to be seen to be sent from a system email server, rather than from anyone’s individual account.
    • Finally, we also allow all other methods of communications (meetings, Skype calls, Telephone calls etc to be recorded in a central vault for future perusal.

Communications History

  • Access this vault by clicking on “Communications History” from your CRM Coversheet.
  • See all communications logged in one place as per the illustration below:

  • You can see from the above picture that this Module allows storage of all communications logged as part of the sales and service processes for any contact or company in CRM
  • Standard Sort and Filter controls on the top of the page.
  • Ability to “quick search” within all records to quickly find the required information

Editing Communications Records

  • The picture below shows how each record can then be edited to show a summary of the entire record. This allows quick view of notes and saves time.

Creating a New Communications Record

  • The Communications tab is all over every other module inside CRM.
  • The aim is to make it easy to log communications for contacts, companies, leads, opportunities, service records etc etc.
  • To this end, virtually every record inside CRM has a Communications tab attached.
  • Below you see one that was selected from a Contact Record.
  • You can see that all comms added there are recorded here (but they are also held forever in the central repository – Communications History.

  • You can also see that calls as well as written communications is stored as a record here.
  • It is also possible (Not standard) to arrange for Integration with a Call Logger to actually hold the voice recording of calls here.
  • Just click on add new to bring up the following form:

  • You can see that it looks and feels like the tasks menu, so easy to learn to use.
  • You can also see that there is a place to delegate the next Communications to colleagues by using the “Schedule + button

Email Integration – Easy Mail

  • Part of CRM is an inclusive email service called “Easy Mail”.
  • Easy Mail is NOT meant to be a replacement for your existing email service.
  • Easy Mail allows all reminders to internal colleagues and also all external mail to clients and suppliers etc. to be sent from a “system email address” such as “NoReply @XXXX.
  • This service works from day one, requires no formal set up and is part of the standard CRM service.

Email Integration – Your own email

  • CRM is pre-integrated to both Outlook and Google to allow easy use of emails.
  • This is done via the Trivaeo “Email Collector”

Email Collector Account set up

  • An email collector account is a chargeable service. So requires your system administrator to purchase this service.
  • However, each COMPANY only requires ONE Email Collector license.
  • You will find details on what to do about email collector as soon as you click on “emails” inside any record.
  • If you have an email collector license you will see the emails sent and collected in that repository. Example below:

If you DON’T have a license to use the collector, you will see this message:

  • An example email address you can choose might be
  • Speak to your Administrator to get access to the email collector.
  • See ADMINISTRATION / COMPANY SET UP to find out more.

Email Collector use

  • Using email collector is easy:
  • IF an existing contact in CRM send YOU an email to your own email address, then the collector will see it and put a copy of that mail into the relevant contact record.
  • IF NO record of the sending email exists it will ignore the mail
  • If you send a “REPLY ALL” email back to the client / contact just BCC. The collector address and the OUTGOING mail will also be collected in the contact record along with any attachments in the mail.

Integrating your own OUTLOOK 365 or GOOGLE Account

This is super easy:

Click on “MyWorld” in main left menu

Inside MyWorld select “Sync Manager”

Then the screen below is seen:

Follow the short wizard to personally integrate your CRM service to your own email and contacts and calendar / events.

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