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Trivaeo offers a module to manage the email and “snail-mail” campaigns and to track the success of other Marketing campaigns. undertaken and the aim is to keep the contacts (targets) in CRM and integrate with a suitable email bulk sending platform (such as Mailchimp). With this in mind, this module is NOT designed to replace Mailchimp. It is designed to track the results from Campaigns, as and when Leads materialise and to track which Leads and Which Sales are coming from your Marketing Campaigns

Starting a new Campaign

Click on Campaigns from your CRM Coversheet or from the left main menu under CRM. Click on top-right of page “Add New”

This opens a short wizard that takes you through the process of creating a Campaign. Clicking next opens the next screen

You can now select as many Contacts from your CRM to aim your marketing campaign at. This will allow you to manage telephone or email or “snailmail” campaigns or even Facebook or other Social Media campaigns. Use the groups you have created in Contacts to select the contacts you want to target. There is no limit to the number of contacts you can target I one Campaign. Click on the Search blue icon and see the relevant contacts appear on left side of page Click to either select the ones you want to select or click “select all” and see them appear on right side of page Click “next” at bottom of page to move to next part of the Wizard

Click on Save and Exit. It is possible HERE to create your own email and edit it using the very limited editing tools we provide. However, it is much more effective to now use the built in Integration to Mailchimp to do this.

The final screen allows you to execute the Campaign and start to use Mailchimp Integration.

Mailchimp Integration

• Here you will need to be signed in as a Main Administrator of the system in order to set up your Mailchimp Integration and to manage Campaigns.

• Mailchimp allows you to manage email campaigns if you have selected groups of email recipients from your CRM in a Campaign

• Find Administration / Main Admin and see section that handles any Integrated products you may use.

• Select Mailchimp

• Fill basic details about your campaign and click “Start” to create new Campaign in Mailchimp

• You will now need to enter your Mailchimp Account details.

• Now follow your normal Mailchimp process. • As the Campaign goes along, your results will be shown in your Mailchimp account as well as in the Campaign summary (click on list view item in Campaigns to see details.

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