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The ability to quote for Products and Services you wish to sell is an important part of a Sales process.  The Quote tool provided here picks up your company Logo / branding and states clearly what you propose to supply and at what price. It also allows you to add (top and tail) with your own text / pictures.

CRM Quotes List View

  • To see a list of all Quotes already created click on Quotes from the CRM cover sheet or on CRM / Quotes on left side menu.

Click on Either Edit (pencil Icon) or Add New

  • Now the new Quote can be created
  • Note: This method is NOT YET associated with any Company, Contact or Opportunity or Lead, so using this method to create a quote is a manual process where you will need to define these values on this form.
  • The system does not yet know which product and services you intend to quote for, so this is also blank at present and will need to be entered.

Creating a Quote from Leads, Opportunities or Contacts

  • Creating a Quote from within a Contact view form is shown below as an example: This now pre-fills the Contact and Company details for you.
  • If you create a Quote from within an OPPORTUNITY view form (and if that Opportunity ALREADY has the Products, Services, prices and names filled in, all of this information will follow you!
  • This level of integration between modules is impressive. It allows you to decide when and where in your own sales process you produce a quotation for your prospect / Client.

Creating a new Quote

  • Click on Add new at top of Quote list page.

Editing an existing Quote

  • Click on Pencil mark next to row in Quotes List view to edit an existing Quote

Sending a Quote to a Client / Contact

  • Click on the drop-down arrow at the end of the quote row to print the quote, if you have already closed and saved your quote previously
  • Alternatively, as you produce a new or edit an existing Quote, you may select Print and send to client from there.
  • Picture above shows a printed Quote WITHOUT any extra annotation or description or notes.
  • Circled area now allows you to either save t disk in any format or to send directly from the system as an attachment to the integral email, directly to your client.
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