CRM Orders

You can create, manage and process orders (Sales Orders) as part of the Zway CRM.

Sales Order Processing (SOP) is designed to be an integral part of the CRM Sales process and is linked to every single part of the CRM suite of modules.

CRM Orders List View

  • You can view a list of the Sales Orders currently created by clicking on “Orders” from the CRM Coversheet or by selecting CRM from the main menu , then selecting “Orders” there.
  • On this list you will be able to see the following information:
    • The Order Number
    • The Order date
    • The amount of money the order represents
    • The current status of this order
    • The Company (if any) that the order comes from
    • The contact (if any) within the company
    • A Deliver by date (if known)
    • Responsible Person in your company to make the order and send
    • A Project name (if this order is linked to a project)
    • An opportunity name (if this order came from a working opportunity)
  • The blue writing are links that you may click on to see more information.  For example: If you click on the Opportunity “London Zoo Project” it will open the corresponding Opportunity to view.
  • Next to the standard Filter and column selectors, you can see the “Active and Archived” buttons.  Click here to view active orders (still has status that is not finished / completed) and the Archived orders (Ones that are marked by you as status less than complete).

Edit an existing Order

  • Click on the pencil icon at the end of any row and it will open an order edit form as below:
  • Now you can edit / change any of the fields in this order as follows:
    • Order date : Automatically set when order was raised but you can pick from calendar to change if you wish.
    • Order Number: These numbers are consecutive and are pre-set in the Administration / CRM Admin / Order Numbers by an authorised Administrator.
    • Status:  The Status of an order represents the current resting place or the current condition of the order.  The pre-set status for an order is New, Received, Assigned, Completed, Delivered.  Orders completed or delivered are shown in “Archive list”.
    • Deliver by date: This is the date that the client wants the order to be completed by.
    • Responsible:  You can assign this order to be completed (eg, picked or delivered) by any person in your organisation with access to this system
    • Clients Order Number : For your reference, this is a free type field
    • The Company and the contact for this order are shown here.
    • Opportunity: If this order came about from the completion of an Opportunity and the opportunity was worked to the point that the opportunity was “100% Order” status, then the process would have automatically asked you if you wanted to create an order. If that condition was so, this order would be linked to that prior opportunity. (See Help file for Opportunities – How to create an Order from an opportunity)
    • Quote:  If you created a Quote previously for this opportunity or for this client it can be liked to this Order.  If the drop-down list does not show any entries, then no Quotes were already created for this client / Contact (That have not already been linked to previous orders).
    • Currency: This is normally pre-set in your COMPANY profile in ADMINISTRATION / Main Admin / Company set-up.
    • Project: If your company subscribes to the Zway Module to assist with Project Management and IF you have already created a Project and IF this order is part of that Project, then a link can be set here.

Order detail

It is possible to create a Sales Order in Zway CRM in many different places.  You are never forced to follow any set process. Places an order can be created from are:

  1. From the Main Cover sheet (if you have the quick button “Create a new Order”)
  2. From the CRM Cover sheet (By clicking the + sign on the orders box)
  3. From within Orders (By clicking top right yellow box “Add New”
  4. From the view form of a Contact (By clicking on left menu “orders” / then Add new)
  5. From view form of a Company (By clicking on left menu “orders” / then Add new)
  6. From the LEADS list view (by clicking on drop-down arrow and selecting “add new order”
  7. From Opportunities list view (by clicking on drop-down arrow at end of line and selecting “Create Client Order”
  8. From the View form for a particular Opportunity (By selecting Orders from left menu and then clicking on “add new”)

On the order detail form you can see or add Product and Services or just edit existing Products and Services that have “followed you” through the process.

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