CRM Leads

No need to re-input information IF the contact or company you want to add as a lead is already in the system. Simply open the drop-down list at list view of Contacts and select “Create Lead”.

CRM Leads is designed to separate enquiries you have from the main contacts and companies lists.

It is important to know that by creating a “Lead” this does not delete or move the Contact information.

Leads is part of a process to take contacts and show movement as you collect more information.

Adding a new Lead in CRM

Either click on the + button in the “leads” square on your cover sheet or go to Leads on the CRM menu and click on add new.  The form that appears is the minimum information required to add a new lead to the system.

Start typing the name and company name of the Lead and IF it already exists in CRM Contacts it will not allow you to duplicate, but rather will offer names already entered.

IF the lead you wish to enter is NOT already a contact in CRM, the lead will be created as you wish, and the contact will also automatically be added to “CRM / Contacts”.

List view of CRM Leads

The list view of all leads created will show.

Only leads that are current will show.  Leads that have been deleted or converted into Opportunities will “Move” along the process.  The Lead has not actually disappeared, just progressed into the next stage of the enquiry.

All list views on Zway CRM have access to the same filters and sorting and search facilities.  See CRM / Contacts for more list view information.

Upgrading Lead to Opportunity or Order

  • From the Lead list view, you can “upgrade” the Lead.
  • This is part of the CRM process.  If you wish to utilise long term opportunities and track the progress along your own sales process, then upgrade to opportunity by clicking on this choice from the drop-down box shown above.
  • If the Lead has already processed into an “order” Then you can click on the same drop-down list and select “Create Order”.  This will allow you to start the whole Sales Order Process.
  • IF you subscribe to Zway Omnicient Solution, you will also be able to add sales orders that link directly to the stock you have.

Managing Lead Activity

  • For times when you need to control who does what with Leads as they are worked on, Zway provides the “Activity” module marked in the picture above.
  • You can create your own tasks / activity individually by “Add Task” on top of this screen.
  • Alternatively, you can create ready-made activity templates in Administration / Process and Collaboration Admin / Activity Templates.
  • Once set up in admin, you can define who does what and see all of these tasks as they mature and progress in the Main menu / TASKS MENU.
  • These entries (as they are worked on) can be dragged and dropped across the task board or you can click on the pencil mark on each entry to edit who does what within another form.
  • Here you can now decide if you are doing it or if you want to delegate the task to others.
  • Just tick or un-tick the box that says “My task”
  • Names of others in your organisation will appear and they will then (as part of the process) be assigned the task and sent an automatic email to inform them and to ask them to accept and start work on that task.

Managing Tasks

You can see all tasks (not just ones appertaining to Leads) in the Main Menu on left side under “tasks”

You can see from this picture that each task on the activities / Leads has a separate entry.

Each one of these tasks has a process associated to it and an owner and also a set deadline.

Automatic email reminders are sent by the system to each task “owner”.

Editing Leads

The main item to be edited inside the Lead Edit form is who owns the lead and what status the lead holds.

The status box marked above uses a pre-defined dictionary that can be seen in Administration / CRM Admin / Lead status.

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