CRM Coversheet

Every Zway module has a coversheet of its own.  The coversheet is to show the main modules within the applications and solutions you use, so that you can click on them and go to information and tasks as quickly as possible.

The CRM coversheet will automatically show when CRM is selected on the left-hand menu as per the picture below.

CRM Coversheet Edit

You can edit the coversheet for your own preference by clicking the pencil icon on the right.

This then opens a widget selection box for you to choose the widgets you want to see on your coversheet.

The Zway Modules you use will be listed on the left of this menu and the available widgets within that module are shown in the centre.

Note that some widgets may be empty if you have no information to show or you have not been allocated applications this widget refers to.

To save your choices. Click Save and close.

Zway Widgets

A “Widget” is a mini report.  It contains a graphical representation of information that you can store and show on your own coversheet.

If, for any reason, your widget shows blank or says you have no information to show.  You will either need to set up this record in Administration / CRM / Administration or add yourself to the Targets set up. (See Administration of CRM / Targets.

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