A frustrated customer has written "we waited 30 mins with no service" in sauce on the table

The best service is no service - Really?

Years ago, I read a rather naïve and utopian book called “The best service is no service” by Bill Price and David Jaffe.  The premise of the book was how a company could prepare their processes properly and offer such perfect service,…
New Book for small businessZway Ltd 2020

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“Get a 200% wage rise this year, and every year” is the new guide for every would-be entrepreneur to follow.  Author David Claxton regales how he started a new business, Zway, during the darkest depths of lockdown and how, working from…
To show how office isNone

Why do we need to go back to work Boris?

Now that more businesses including pubs and restaurants have been allowed to reopen their doors, companies are being urged to get workers back into the office - with Prime Minister Boris Johnson saying: 'people should start to think about getting…
A woman who wears a fax fur coat

Business is about People, Process and Technology

You are reading this because you probably run a small business of your own. Either that or you are strongly considering coming over to the dark side and away from the faux safety of a job.  Faux fur is great for animal lovers as it gives the…