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Zway creates web and mobile applications personalised to you. Nothing standard. Nothing Bespoke.

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 Running a business and rarely having time for anything else in life, due to your involvement in every decision and process?
Zway provides online or mobile based productivity platforms personalised to you.  Where you can automate those tasks and distribute the work based on YOUR rules.
On average, our clients get an hour back every day.  What will you do with your extra hour?
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Here’s how it Works

Zway will produce a version of YOUR process on web and mobile for you to use and test before you commit.

All you need to do is make an appointment to tell us how you work. We will do the rest.

Help Desk. Zway has a 24/7 help desk to guide you through as Zway automates your business process

Is your business just the same as every other business?

  • We think you are special.  But, if a standard free or cheap app will do the job you need, then go and get it.
  • Most of our new clients tell us they wasted months trying to make a generic application work in their business.
  • Click here to get started and we will know where to contact you.
  • Then, normally in a few days, Zway will call you to deliver your own personalised web and mobile based applications.
  • During the next two-weeks our team are on-hand to refine your process as required
  • Then, once you have seen the benefits of your new process, you can decide to pay a set fee if you wish to continue using Zway.

Most of our clients tried dozens of other systems before they found Zway!

Build Once Use Many times is NOT bespoke software

“Building once and using many times” is a far less expensive alternative to bespoke development.  80% of your solution is ready-made using our standard products.  The last piece (the extra 20%) is personalised to you.  Here is how Zway does it.
The easy, standard stuff that every business application has are what we call “Notions” These notions can be built once and used many times.
Sometimes, very clever software developers take these notions and create what they call “Applications” to manage them.  But these notions alone don’t add up to a solution.  They are just placeholders for your own information. This is why most users of generic apps stop using them after just a few days. They don’t actually DO anything!
They are computer programmes.
The Oxford English dictionary says that an application is: The action of putting something into operation.
“The application of general rules to particular cases”
These clever computer geeks build sets of general rules, call it an application, and expect every business to utilise such applications, to behave in the same way.  After all, A CAT scan is just the same as a parking notice.  No?  We also think not!
Still the proliferation of “general applications” on the internet continues.  Applications made available as Software as a Service are the most prolific.  There are thousands to choose from.  Most of them are “free” at first, require no thought to implement and will never reflect the needs of your business.  They are solutions to an unknown problem.
These applications get packaged up inside colourful frameworks, protected with secure sites, embellished with reports about everything, have tonnes of free storage and can connect to every other useless application, so you can manage an entire empire of applications if you wish.  You might even be lucky enough to employ somebody to manage these connected networks for you!
What of your business?  How can one prescribe the application or treatment until the problem or opportunities are fully understood?
If you buy or pay monthly for applications packaged in this way, you get a beautiful product that stores your own information but really does nothing for you or your business to save time and money.
There are five things that separates your business from every other:
Forms, Workflows, Processes, Rules and Reports.
These five things need to be personalised.  They must be made for your business and they must be flexible, so they can be manipulated as your needs change.
  • Forms used to put information into your business.  Too little information and you cannot do your job.  Too much information and users become disinterested and won’t be used. Some information you already have.  Why type the same information several times?  At best, this leads to duplication and at worst to human error
  • Workflow the way that your staff (people) interact with forms and information to complete a task.  Your workflows make up your entire business process and this is your IP.  It is the lifeblood of your business.  It cannot be generic.
  • Process is your business.  Without process your business would do nothing.  No two businesses will follow the same process.  It is, fundamentally, the way that YOU do things.
  • Business Rules enable your staff to know what to do with information.  Rules enable good decisions to be made quickly and workflows and processes to produce the best possible result.
  • Reports must answer the questions you want to ask.  Applying decisions based on accurate reports is what makes a business better and is the soil required for growth.  Whilst some reports can be generic, the questions you will ask will change over time and reports must be able to be manipulated.

Zway has created a BOUM platform. This means Build Once, Use Many Times.

Zway adopts a building blocks foundation to automate businesses.

Every single business system you use is created from:

  • Forms to collect and display information
  • Processes designed for speed and accuracy
  • Individual workflow for each person to follow
  • Business rules to decide what to do and when
  • Documents for agreements and receipts
  • Reports to show what happened 
  • Analytics to show what will happen if things change
Zway has created a patented method to pre-build each one of these in a way that lets you decide what each one does and what it looks like.

These are building blocks of your business, pre-created in such a way, they can be joined together in any shape you wish.

No more:
  • Struggling with forms that include 101 boxes you don’t need.
  • Wishing you had somewhere to enter pertinent information.
  • Days spent trying to train your staff to use other people’s processes.
  • Disturbances every time a business decision needs to be made.
  • Lost time or unhappy clients holding incorrect paperwork.

Using our unique low-code BOUM platform, Zway Online can build automated business systems that seem bespoke at a price and timeline similar to off-the-shelf apps.