Image that depicts a collection of dice that spell out 'success'. Manual Processes will suck the life out of your business. Digital processes will enable success

Your business processes can be automated in a few days to create efficiency, accuracy and customer satisfaction

Zway creates web and mobile applications for you, to fix your business processes forever.

Here’s how it works

A Call

 We call and discuss your legacy process, deciding on the perfect updated one that can be controlled and reviewed on a web and mobile application.

A Plan 

  Zway creates and presents the business tools to automate and digitise your first business process. An end-to-end process created just for you without obligation.

A Perfect Process

Use and Review your new automated platform without any commitments. In 2 weeks time, inform Zway if you wish to continue using it

What is a Business Process? 

 A collection of activities that provide a service for your customers.

For example: A delivery process may contain five steps…

1. Call client to check delivery details and access information

2.Create client consignment package

3.Set deliverywindow and plan route

4.Load item on truck


Workflows in a process? 

Workflows are the roles that different people play in the same process.

For example when Frank and Sheila work together:

Sheila has the workflow to check the client details

Frank creates consignments and plans drivers route

Shiela loads the truck

Frank drives the truck to the delivery destination

Consider how easy and manageable this process would be if each person had their own workflow to follow and every piece of information they needed to make it so was available at the right time , in one place

Then consider how easily you can read and follow a single report on “deliveries” that shows each consignment and where it sits in your process in real-time.

Zway knows that problems businesses face are not always universal but unique, your processes are applied onto our low-code platform quickly and delivered to you in mobile app format as well as on-line.  Any manual business process can be digitised in this way.

6 features you will Love

The right information, always at hand.

The right information, always at hand.

Automatically update names and addresses,
order numbers and last contact details straight to your CRM.

You and your employees waste no time
having to enter or find important information.

Everybody your business ever touches is stored in Zway

Everybody your business ever touches is stored in Zway

Information about Staff, Contractors, Customers, Partners etc, is privately stored and linked for when you engage them next.

Never miss a trick and stay on top of everything.

Real-time view of your whole business

Real-time view of your whole business

 Assign tasks and watch their progress.

Every enquiry, order, invoice, task, job, process, function and item of work is automatically logged to give you full oversight.

Automatically feed contacts and data from your website into your Zway

Automatically feed contacts and data from your website into your Zway

Set up in seconds, and save hours every week.

Clients can book appointments in your calendars automatically from your website.

Every document and piece of information given to the best people for the job

Documents and information given to the best people for the job

Edit, collaborate and coordinate documents on-line with your staff.  Allow your clients on-line access to collaborate with you.  It is like offering your own “account portal” to your clients.

Have all your bases covered with a the powerful and all encompassing Zway solution

Have all your bases covered with the powerful  Zway solution

Manage all resources, jobs, tasks, programmes, projects, finance, HR etc in one easy place at a cost effective rate.

It’s the only way forward.

Discover the benefits before you commit:

  • Click here to set up an initial consultation
  • We can usually discover enough information in one-hour to build your first automated process for you
  • Then, normally in a few days, Zway will call you to deliver your web and mobile based application with one standard report
  • During the next two-weeks our team are on-hand to refine your process as required
  • Then, once you have seen the benefits of your new process, you can decide to pay a set fee if you wish to continue using Zway.

We understand that moving to a new system can be daunting.

We would be more than happy to book you in for a demo to show you how easy to use Zway really is:

At Zway we understand you want to build a business. 

A business which becomes your legacy, but in order for you to achieve your ambitions you need to have time to work on your business and not in it. The problem right now is the time you waste tracking down  the correct information needed to make simple decisions. Decisions you didn’t need to be a part of in the first place, this can leave you feeling as though the 24 hours in a day are just not enough.

We believe having a healthy work-life balance is important, it can be a struggle finding time for family. Which is why we automate businesses giving owners and managers the gift of time. Remember time is the one thing your business can’t make anymore of.

Here’s how we do it:

1.We build bespoke business processes on our low-code platform

2.We deliver to you in days for your team to start using without commitment

3.You can feedback small refinements as required

Build your digital business one process at a time.

Time is your most valuable commodity.

It is the only thing your business cannot make more of. We make sure you have as much of it as possible.

We tried to build a successful business using manual processes in the 21st Century.  

It can’t be done. So, we created Zway to enable our own company to compete with huge international rivals. The new low-code web and mobile process builder now enables you to benefit from our research.  This short quiz will show you which parts of your business need attention first!

Our happy customers will tell you all about Zway:

“A service-based business like ours is stressful to run. I was trying to do 100 jobs a day. We automated 80% of those with Zway. I didn’t even realise this sort of thing was available to smaller businesses, but now I have a business and a life”

“With Zoho I needed a software expert just to do the basics, but Zway is far better. It’s just easy”

“Having started a new business and after one year experiencing sickness and downtime. I thank lord I invested in Zway earlier. Not sure what I would have done without it. All my guys know where everything is and follow automated process I set up. I can be away for a short period of time and know that everything will continue as I want.”